Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is my reflection on Sujo John. I convinced Wallace, or Wallace convinced himself, to let the class go see Sujo instead of going to class. I lovered it. And yes I spelled that lovered.

Sujo John Experience: Review
Amanda Cunningham
U.S. History
Dr. Wallace

On Thursday 30 October 2008 Sujo John visited SCC to share his story. He is an immigrant from Calcutta, India whose life, like so many others, was changed on 11 September 2001. Unlike many of us though, Sujo was one of the thousands trapped inside those buildings on that fateful day. He was in the North tower on the 81st floor at 8:45 as that plane crashed through his office. As the world around him was bursting into flames all Sujo could so was pray to God for the strength to survive and for the lives of his wife and unborn child who he believed to be in the South tower on the 53rd floor. Sujo made it out of the building alive, and through faith and prayer he made it through the dust to find his wife in the safety of a stranger’s apartment. Today, Sujo lives with his wife and two children in Lantana, Texas.

Personally, I was very excited to hear from a survivor. Similar to how I feel about meeting a WWII veteran, I have always had a desire to meet one of the thousands that was in one of those towers on 11 September 2001. I never have wanted to force myself upon someone in that way, because it is hard to know what emotions reliving traumatic events will bring about in people, so I am glad he came on his own. I was a little worried about how he would come across to nonbelievers. I know that when I get a passion for Christ in my heart it is hard to hold back, but also, coming from the other side I know that the craziness of pure spirited joy can be a turn off, and I know that his desire was to turn people in Christ’s direction, not the other way. I thin he was successful in that respect. He had good balance. I do wish the presentation was a little longer. I know that he tells this story many times over the year, but his story is almost word for word written on his website. I sort of wish it was a little different in person. This fact would explain why he sometimes came across rehearsed, even in humor. Overall, I liked his presentation a lot. It was well worth “skipping” class for!

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