Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is the "fun" paper I am working on for English class. It is the only non argument paper we are going to have to write. also, if any of you have any ideas for a topic I could write an argument paper on I would like some suggestions. This right here in red is going to be very grammatically shaky, because i am in a rush, but don't read to much into it.


When I moved from Colorado to Kentucky I knew I was in for a culture shock. I was leaving behind the big city of Colorado Springs for the tiny “red-neck” town of Springfield. The people were going from military men to farmers and the girls were going from outdoor wonder-women to Southern Bells. I knew I would gain insight into a different world and many new experiences. What I didn't know was the sheer volume of T-shirts I was going to gain. Buying T-shirts in Kentucky is unnecessary. I received free T-shirts at my high school, at my college, outside of school, and the few T-shirts I did purchase, always came at a discounted rate. For the one year I went to Washington County High School in Springfield Kentucky I have at least nine shirts I received for zero payment. That fact amounts to one free shirt per month I was enrolled in school. My first free shirt was exciting. I had already taken not of every other student having a T-shirt that advertised the school, and I felt a little left out. Somehow I was involved in some club (I still don't know how that happened), and a part of being in the club meant that I had to sell T-shirts at a football game. Since I was selling the shirts, the advisers thought it was a good idea if I had a shirt to wear so they gave me one. I was elated. I finally had my own T-shirt from my school. That excitement would follow me through every free T-shirt I received. My second high school shirt came from Pep Club. I was in the Pep Club, but I didn't want to purchase the shirt because the cost was too high. I don't know how I managed, bu a stranger gave me their shirt, because they said they “already had another one.” Another time, I should have predicted where my Kentucky T-shirt life was leading because I was introduced to a new Kentucky concept: the T-shirt blanket. This blanket is created when a person has acquired roughly 30 T-shirts that may be sewn together to create a blanket. Apparently many people in Kentucky have these T-shirts and were amazed that I had never even heard of the concept. I continued to go to football games and manage to be the lucky person who either caught the free shirt or was given the shirt by the neighbor who “just didn't want another T-shirt”. Over the next few months I received at least seven more free T-shirts.

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Moonfairy said...

I love the tee shirt paper but it really is lacking a solid conclusion. I need to know, what was the point of this paper? That's where you sum it up. I.e. now I'm working on my own t-shirt quilt!! Or something like that. Good paper, interesting read!